An Oversampling-based Correlator-type Receiver for DCSK Communication Systems Over Generalized Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels

Quyen Xuan Nguyen


This paper proposes an oversampling-based correlator-type receiver for Differential Chaos-shift Keying (DCSK) communication systems, which can exploit the flat-fading characteristic of multipath channels in order to improve the system performance. At the receiver, the incoming signal is sampled with a sampling rate higher than chip rate before feeding to a correlator. This oversampling step aims to specifically determine delayed-signal components from fading multipath channels, which can be combined together by the correlator in order to increase the ratio of signal-to-noise at its output. In particular, the performance of the proposed receiver is investigated by means of a generalized flat Rayleigh fading channel which has one primary path (i.e., the path having the shortest transmission period) and multiple secondary paths (i.e., the other remaining paths with delays). Mathematical models in discrete-time domain for the conventional transmitter, generalized channel, and proposed receiver are proposed and analyzed. The theoretical bit-error-rate (BER) expression is first derived and then distribution histogram for the ratio of variable bit energy to noise power spectral density is computed. The BER performance is finally estimated by integrating the BER expression over all possible values of the histogram. Numerical simulations with specific parameters are carried out and then simulated performances are shown in comparison to estimated ones. Obtained results point out that the system performance is significantly improved when the number of secondary paths increases.

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