Simultaneous Compression of Multiple Pulse Streams for All-Optical Serial/Parallel Data Exchanges

Nguyen The Quang, Nguyen Tan Hung, Matsuura Motoharu, Kishi Naoto


We present our recent development of a simultaneous compression of multiple pulse streams utilizing the distributed Raman amplifier (DRA) for applications in serial/parallel high-speed data exchange. The optical clock pulse compression is operated based on adiabatic soliton compressor using DRA with pulsewidth tunable and multiple wavelength operations. We show an experimental demonstration of a simultaneous compression up to four 10 GHz clock pulse trains to picosecond pulsewidth range. The compressed multiple pulse streams are then used for applications in serial-to-parallel and parallel-to-serial data conversions which are one of key functionalities to realize all-optical wavelength/time-division trans-multiplexing in heterogeneous optical networks.

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