Performance Analysis of Hybrid ALOHA/CDMA RFID Systems with Quasi-decorrelating Detector in Noisy Channels

Tuyen Trung Hoang, Hieu Van Dao, Vu Xuan Phan, Chuyen Thanh Nguyen


In this paper we investigate the performance of a hybrid Aloha/CDMA radio frequency identification (RFID) system with quasi-decorrelating detector (QDD). Motivated by the fact that the QDD outperforms the conventional decorrelating detector (DD) in noisy network scenarios, we study and propose using QDD as one of the most promising candidates for the structure of RFID readers. Performance analysis in terms of bit error rate and the RFID system efficiency is considered considering CDMA code collision and detection error. Computer simulations are also performed, and the obtained results of QDD-based structure are compared with those of DD-based one to confirm the correctness of the design suggestion in different practical applications of tag identification and missing-tag detection.

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