FPGA Implementation of Channel Mismatch Calibration in TIADCs for Signals in Any Nyquist Bands

Han Le Duc, Van-Phuc Hoang, Duc-Minh Nguyen


This paper presents a fully digital background calibration technique of the gain and timing mismatches in undersampling Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters for the wideband bandlimited input signal at any Nyquist bands. The proposed technique does not require an additional reference channel nor a pilot input. The channel mismatch parameters are estimated based on the mismatch frequency band. The experimental results shows the efficiency of the proposed mitigation technique with the SNDR improvement of 16dB for 4-channel 60dB SNR TIADC clocked at 2.7GHz given a multi-tone input occupied at the third Nyquist band. The hardware architecture of the proposed technique is designed and validated on Altera FPGA DE4 board. The synthesized design utilizes a very little amount of the hardware resource in the FPGA chip and works correctly on a Hardware-In-the-Loop emulation framework.

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