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Dear Colleagues:

The Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam (REV) is an official grouping of professors, researchers, engineers, technologists, technicians, and administrators, working in Vietnam in such domains as electronics, control systems, measurements, signal and image processing, telecommunications, and networks. REV covers a large spectrum of activities: organizing seminars, conferences, publishing popular reviews, presenting national research programs, and participating in building the national strategy of development for the future of the Information Technology in Vietnam and promoting international cooperation in order to integrate Vietnam to the outside world. These activities started in 1965, and the name of REV was officially and legally recognized by the Vietnamese Government in 1988.

With Vietnam opening up to the outside world, to help Vietnamese researchers in the domains of Electronics and Communications to get in touch with their international colleagues, REV has decided since 2008 to make its biannual Conference an annual International Conference. With the collaboration of the IEEE ComSoc, REV Conference has become "International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Communications" (ATC), attracting quite a number of high quality contributions from the international research community since 2008 (Papers presented at ATC conferences are published and indexed by IEEEXplore).

Moreover, in order to consolidate and to enhance the quality of Vietnamese research community, REV has made a bold move by a decision to establish a peer-reviewed quarterly research journal named "REV Journal on Electronics and Communications" (REV-JEC, ISSN: 1859-378X). The journal is sponsored by REV, IEEE Communications Society Vietnam Chapter and IEEE SSCS Vietnam Chapter, dedicated to providing a leading edge forum for researchers and professionals to contribute and disseminate innovative research ideas and results in the fields of electronics and communications. Each paper published in this journal is marked 1.0 (maximum) by The Vietnamese State Council for Professorship and targeted to be indexed in Scopus in the near future.

We hope that you will support us by regularly submitting research works of your team to REV-JEC in the domains of electronics, integrated circuits and solid state, control systems, communications, networks, signal and image processing, coding, etc. In doing so, you will help the research community in Vietnam in these domains to quickly catch up with their colleagues abroad.

I would be very honored and very obliged if you accept my invitation, because your name appeared in REV-JEC will help to guarantee the quality of our journal, to keep the Journal at a high standing, and especially to attract more researchers to submit their works to our journal.

Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation.

Best wishes,

Van-Phuc Hoang, Technical Editor-in-Chief

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