Geographic-based Routing in Smart Grid’s Neighbor Area Networks

Quang-Dung Ho, Gowdemy Rajalingham, Tho Le-Ngoc


Neighbor area network (NAN), also known as smart meter communication network, is one of the most important segments of smart grid communications network (SGCN). This paper studies the performance of greedy perimeter stateless routing (GPSR), a representative implementation of geographic-based routing class, in the NAN scenario and investigates the feasibility of this routing protocol in supporting SG applications. Specifically, packet transmission delay and reliability of GPSR in an IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless mesh NAN with practical system parameters are measured by simulations. The results show that, at the data rate required for conventional SG applications including smart metering, real-time pricing and demand response, the delay can always be maintained below 70 ms (in 95th-percentile perspective) while packet delivery ratio is higher than 90%. However, due to that fact that more advanced applications that require information exchange at higher rates and more stringent delays are emerging in SG, the performance of GPSR in NAN scenarios using radio technologies that can support higher loads and/or larger network scales needs to be studied.

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