Lattice-Reduction-Aided Detection with Successive Interference Cancelation for Multiuser Space-Time Block Coded Systems

Tien Duc Nguyen, Quang Duc Le, Xuan Nam Tran, Tadashi Fujino


Effective detectors with low-complexity are considered for the Alamouti’s multiuser space-time block coded (STBC) systems. Viewing the noiseless received signals from Q users as a lattice with basis vectors being the columns of the total channel matrix H, we apply lattice reduction to transform the original basis into a nearly orthogonal one which improves the decision regions against noise. Then, linear detection using zero-forcing (ZF) and minimum-mean-square-error (MMSE) methods is performed on the transformed basis to detect transmitted signals from the Q users. These lattice-reduction-aided (LRA) linear detectors significantly improve BER of the linear detectors and, more importantly, allow us to achieve full diversity at high Eb/N0 regions.

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