Performance Evaluation of OpenStack Cloud Integrated with SDN Controller

Mai Thi Thai Dinh, Loi Thanh Hoang, Quy Dinh Pham, Duc Nang Nguyen


The Internet is undergoing a revolution thanks to the development of a very popular recent technology trend - “Cloud Computing”. Large, small, and medium-sized businesses organizations, as well as individuals increasingly prefer to use cloud computing services due to their many advantages. Furthermore, the widespread implementation of cloud computing in large enterprises is an indicator of the technological advancement of information technology companies. It helps in the efficient allocation and utilization of infrastructure, power, and resources. In the meantime, centralized control provided by software-defined networking (SDN) allows for flexibility in operations and management. For that reason, there has been an adequate amount of research and application of combining these two objects over the years. In this study, we will evaluate network performance between virtual machines in terms of bandwidth, latency, and system performance in
terms of CPU, RAM, etc. in OpenStack with and without integration of SDN Controller - Tungsten Fabric (TF).

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