Multi-Objective Optimization for IRS-Aided Multi-user MIMO SWIPT Systems

Pham Van Quyet, Ha Hoang Kha


In this paper, we investigate an intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) assisted simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) system in which users equipped with multiple antennas exploit power-splitting (PS) strategies for simultaneously information decoding (ID) and energy harvesting (EH). Different from the majority of previous studies which focused on single objective optimization problems (SOOPs) and assumed the linearity of EH models, in this paper, we aim at studying the multi-objective optimization problem (MOOP) of the sum rate (SR) and the total
harvested energy (HE) subject to the maximum transmit power (TP) constraint, the user quality of service (QoS), and HE requirements at each user with taking a practical non-linear EH (NLEH) model into consideration. To investigate insightful tradeoffs between the achievable SR and total HE, we adopt the modified weighted Tchebycheff method to transform the MOOP into a SOOP. However, solving the SOOPs and modified SOOP is mathematically difficult due to the non-convexity of the object functions and the constraints of the coupled variables of the  base station (BS) transmit precoding matrices (TPMs), the user PS ratios (PSRs), and the IRS phase shift matrix (PSM). To address these challenges, an alternating optimization (AO) framework is used to decompose the formulated design problem into sub-problems. In addition, we apply the majorization-minimization (MM) approach to transform the sub-problems into convex optimization ones. Finally,  numerical simulation results are conducted to verify the tradeoffs between the SR and the total amount of HE. The numerical results also indicate that the considered system using the IRS with optimal phase shifts provides considerable performance improvement in terms of the achievable SR and HE as compared to the counterparts without using the IRS or with the IRS of fixed phase shifts.

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