An Improved Iterative Nonlinear Least Square Approximation Method for the Design of SISO Wideband Mobile Radio Channel Simulators

Akmal Fayziyev, Matthias Pätzold


In this paper, we present an improved version of the iterative nonlinear least square approximation (INLSA) method for designing measurement-based single-input single-output (SISO) wideband channel simulators. The proposed method aims to fit the time-frequency correlation function (TFCF) of the simulation model to that of a measured channel. The parameters of the simulation model are determined iteratively by minimizing the Frobenius norm, which serves as a measure for the fitting error. In contrast to the original INLSA method, the proposed approach provides a unique optimized set of model parameters, which guarantees a quasi-perfect fitting with respect to the TFCF. We analyze the performance of the proposed method in terms of the goodness of fit to the measured data. The investigations will be carried out with respect to the TFCF and the scattering function. We demonstrate that the proposed approach is a powerful tool for the design of measurement-based wideband channel simulators, which are important for the performance evaluation of mobile communication systems under real-world propagation conditions.

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