Integrated On-Silicon and On-glass Antennas for Mm-Wave Applications

Nguyen Ngoc Mai-Khanh, Tetsuya Iizuka, Kunihiro Asada


The paper presents several integrated high frequency antenna prototypes based on Si/CMOS and on-glass technologies for millimeter-wave (mm-wave) applications. On-chip loop antenna and dipole radiator are presented. In addition, a wide-band dipole-patch antenna design for the range of 74 – 104 GHz is integrated into a CMOS chip with an on-chip pulse generator. In addition, an implementation of a fully on-Silicon antenna array integrated with a timed-array transmitter. To control the beam-forming of this array, a digital-based time adjustment circuit is integrated together with the antenna array. Simulated and measured data including return loss, and radiation patterns are presented. This paper also introduces an on-glass antenna prototypes fabricated on quartz substrate. The on-glass antenna is to demonstrate for handset or automobile’s windshield/windows applications where radio waves could be transmitted and received from various directions. The results show several compact antenna candidates integrated by both Silicon and quartz substrates towards mm-Wave/sub-mm-Wave sensing and communication applications.

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