Protograph LDPC Code Design For LS-MIMO 1-bit ADC Systems

Hung Ngoc Dang, Thuy Van Nguyen


Recently, two emerging research topics are protograph low-density parity-check (P-LDPC) and large-scale multi-input multi-output (LS-MIMO) with low-resolution analog-to-digital (ADC) converters (LS-MIMO-LOW-ADC). In these directions, many research works have proposed 1-bit ADC as a good candidate for LS-MIMO systems in order to save both transmission power and circuit energy dissipation. However, we observed that previously reported P-LDPC codes might not have good performance for LS-MIMO systems with 1-bit ADC. Hence, we perform a re-design of the P-LDPC codes for the above systems in this paper. The new codes demonstrate a good coding gain from 0:3 dB at rate 1/2 to 0:5 dB at rate 2/3 in different LS-MIMO configurations with 1-bit ADC.

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