Mutual Coupling Reduction in Microstrip Antennas using Defected Ground Structure

Lan Ngoc Nguyen


A Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna with high isolation is proposed in this paper. The proposed antenna includes two sets of four elements (2 x 2) and it is yielded at the central frequency of 5.5 GHz for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) applications. Based on RT5880 with height of 1.575 mm, the overall size of MIMO antenna is 140 x 76 x 1.575 mm3. To get high isolation between antenna elements, a Defected Ground Structure (DGS) is integrated on ground plane. Besides, the MIMO antenna witnesses a large bandwidth of 9.1% and an efficiency of 90% while the pick gain is 8.5 dBi. The measurement results are compared to simulation ones to verify the performance of the proposed antenna.

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