BAT Algorithm Based Beamformer for Interference Suppression by Controlling the Complex Weight

Tong Van Luyen, Truong Vu Bang Giang


In this study, an adaptive beamformer for pattern nulling of Uniformly Spaced Linear Array (ULA) antennas, which utilized BAT algorithm (BA) to suppress interferences, has been proposed. This pattern nulling has been obtained by controlling the complex weight (both the phase and the amplitude) of each array element. So as to verify the proposal, a number of scenarios of ULA pattern imposed the pre-set nulls have been carried out and compared with those of accelerated particle swarm optimization (APSO). The proposed beamformer has demonstrated the capability to place with precise single, multiple, and broad nulls at arbitrary interference directions, suppress side lobes, and maintain a predefined beamwidth. Moreover, the beamformer shows faster convergence and higher efficiency regarding null steering and side lobe suppression in pattern synthesis, as compared with an APSO based beamformer.

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